Pipe rehabilitation with the rod burster up to 60 tons

Pipe rehabilitation with the rod burster up to 60 tons

General information

Pipe bursting is an environmentally friendly method, which replaces old pipes nearly of all material trenchless in the same bore channel. The TERRA-HYDROCRACK is a hydraulic cracking system to renew gas pipes, water pipes or sewerage lines. Due to its high thrust and pullback forces of 600 kN (60 tons) it cracks or cuts PE pipes, steel pipes, cast iron pipes or even ductile cast iron pipes from ø 50 mm to up to 350 mm. After bursting) the old pipe, it enlarges the bore channel with the expander cone and pulls in the new pipe simultaneously.

Pipe bursting with rod bursters

In a first step, the highly sophisticated rods are pushed through the old pipe. As soon as the rods arrive at the target pit, a 3-wing bursting rod, an expander cone and the new PE pipe are assembled to the rod. Now the TERRA-HYDROCRACK pulls the rods back, cuts the old pipe into 3 slices, enlarges the bore channel and pulls in the new PE pipe – all simultaneously. It is even possible to push the rods into a second pipe section, whilst the new pipe is pulled in into the first pipe section. This saves time.

Working in both directions

The main cylinder with hollow piston rod can be moved inside of the trench box from the front to the rear. This allows to pull the bursting tools and the new HDPE pipe completely into TERRA-HYDROCRACK after the pull-back operation. Therefore it is not necessary to move the whole machine. It is possible to work in both directions of the working pit without turning the machine. Whilst the HDPE pipe is pulled into the first section, the rods may be pushed simultaneously into the second old pipe section.

Automatic Foot Control AFC

The Automatic Foot Control AFC allows to operate the TERRA-HYDROCRACK with a foot pedal. As long as the foot pedal is pressed down, the main cylinder works. The foot pedal is mobile and may be placed anywhere around the working pit.